As part of an established International network of market research and management consultants we have participated in Europe-wide studies on many different projects.

We also regularly carry out both qualitative and quantitative research in the UK for independent market research agencies in Germany, France and Holland, on a multitude of commercial and public sector issues.

We are the approved UK partner of Optem Market Research (based in France) for European Commission qualitative projects in the UK.

Some subject areas we have covered recently for our international partners are:

  • mercury in fish
  •  cross border shopping
  •  control of economic policy/public spending
  •  car design
  • the euro
  • kettle npd
  • the European Parliament / European Union
  • advertising research
  • globalisation
  • train travel
  • postal services
  • e-commerce
  • new technology
  • business websites
  • TV and video design

“Andrew Irving Associates are our British partner for all our EU studies, in addition to other projects which we have carried out together for business clients. We have pleasure in expressing our great satisfaction with the work which AIA has produced for us in the UK on a wide variety of subjects. Not only do we appreciate the technical quality of their work, but also their dedication to a full understanding of the subjects to be studied, and their ability to find relevant solutions to our research problems” Daniel Debomy, Managing Director, Optem