Why Use Us

Why Use Us?

Qualitative Specialists
Over 30 years in business – this isn’t achieved by simply replaying what people say at a focus group, but by careful analysis and interpretation of opinions, finding the relevant facts and the key issues.
Flexible and efficient
We are flexible with regards to our Client’s needs and we are adept at fast turnaround on both large and small scale projects.
is key at all stages. We believe that the directors must be actively involved in research and not lost in management. We have chosen to remain a compact and independent research team.
Clear and concise reporting
We avoid dressing up findings in marketing jargon. We tell the story in plain English so that you can act on our recommendations with confidence.
Two heads are better than one! We usually co-moderate focus groups. One moderator leads, the other observes and takes detailed notes. Two memories give invaluable extra insight at no extra cost!
We believe our costs are competitive and that the company provides good value for money for our clients. Why not give us a call to get an informal quote.
Conventional methods do not always get to the heart of the matter – so we adapt standard or develop new techniques. If a barrier needs to be overcome, we’ll find a way.
Quality Reassurances
AIA achieved full registration to quality management system ISO 9001 in 1993 and has subsequently upgraded to ISO 9001:2000. This is subject to an annual audit in order to maintain this registration. This is designed to maintain client satisfaction at the very highest level.
Managed in-house, our recruitment is top priority and gets a hands-on approach at senior level.