Sensitive Issues

Over the years we’ve worked on anything from public attitudes towards dogs’ toiletry habits through to under age sex.

Along the way we have also gained a reputation for our ability to recruit samples that are hard to reach. These samples include fraudsters, teenage drug users, smugglers and the incontinent.

Some examples of tricky and sensitive subjects we have tackled include:

  • binge drinking
  • AIDS
  • vCJD
  • obesity (View reference to our research on the HEBS website)
  • incontinence
  • organ retention
  • Foot & Mouth
  • under age sex
  • disability
  • dog fouling (View report from Laria)
  • ageism (View report from DfES)
  • depression
  • drink driving
  • child support
  • tissue retention

“AIA conducted a challenging piece of market research on our behalf. It required an imaginative and sensitive approach. We were very impressed at their ability to grasp the subtleties of the difficult issues involved and to design a study that produced very relevant and useful information. The findings constitute an important part of the basis for our future service plans.”